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This is a new Malhavoc site, a new day and a new computer.   There is lot going on we can’t wait to tell you about, in fact Jimi LaMort has been dropping hints, news, titles and other bits and pieces for a while on our Facebook page.

Here are the facts…Malhavoc are playing a gig for the first time in well over a year at Aftermath, Malhavoc are in the process of planning a special vinyl only re-release of their seminal Get Down record to mark it’s 20th year anniversary.  There is new music being recorded, there is old music being rediscovered, and plans are afoot to repurpose it, either as new Malhavoc releases or up here on our website.     There is video being found, video being shot, and films being watched.

There is a lot.

Over the next few weeks you will see media being made available here for the first time.   We will also be making an effort to consolidate what is out there and point you in the right directions.

Stay tuned.

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