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You should check it out.   All the MALHAVOC music is available there, and for the first time, in High Quality FLAC files so all the download files you purchase are the same quality as our CD’s.   For everyone that previously purchased any of our downloadable music from our old store, we will be sending out codes within the next week so you can download the new high quality copies without re-purchasing anything.   We are just moving in, so let us know if you find anything wrong, or anything missing and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

There are some awesome features, such as the ability to buy the entire MALHAVOC discography at a discount rate, and a subscription system that allows you to sign up and get access to subscription only stuff such as unreleased tracks and videos, pre-release stuff (yes we are working on a new record,) and exclusive content.   

This is the new model for bands such as us to move forward, we need the support of MALHAVOC fans to move new projects along.

Lots of news coming!

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